Agent Partnership Requirement

To promote and partner with agents on the Worldwide Players Portal, we would require certain information to ensure a fruitful collaboration. Here are some key details we would need from agents:

Agency Information

We would need basic information about the agency, including its name, location, contact details, website, and social media handles.

Agent Credentials

Agents would need to provide their professional credentials, such as their certification, licensing, or affiliation with recognized sports management associations or organizations.

Client Portfolio

Agents should provide a list or portfolio of the athletes they represent or have worked with in the past. This helps us assess their expertise and the caliber of athletes they can bring to the platform.

Services Offered

Agents should outline the services they offer to athletes, such as contract negotiation, marketing and endorsement opportunities, career guidance, and support services.

Experience and Track Record

 Agents should provide information about their experience in the industry, including the number of years they have been operating, notable achievements, and successful athlete placements.


Agents can provide references from athletes, coaches, or organizations they have worked with to demonstrate their credibility and the quality of their services.

Partnership Goals

Agents should outline their goals and objectives in partnering with the Worldwide Players Portal. This helps us understand how their services align with our platform’s mission and how we can mutually benefit from the collaboration.

Terms and Conditions

Agents would need to agree to our partnership terms and conditions, which may include guidelines on ethical conduct, data privacy, and professional standards.