School Partnership Requirement

To effectively partner with schools and promote them on Worldwide Players Portal, we would require certain information. Here are the key details we would need from schools:

School Profile

A comprehensive overview of the school, including its name, location, contact information, website, and social media handles.

Sports Programs:

Details about the sports programs offered by the school, including the types of sports, teams, and levels of competition. This helps us match athletes with relevant opportunities.

Scholarships and Financial Aid

Information about any scholarships or financial aid programs available for student-athletes. This allows us to provide accurate and up-to-date scholarship information to aspiring athletes.

Facilities and Resources

Description of the sports facilities, training equipment, and resources available to athletes at the school. This helps us showcase the school’s infrastructure and attract potential athletes.

Coaching Staff and Achievements

Background information on the coaching staff, their qualifications, and any notable achievements or successes of the sports programs. This establishes credibility and highlights the school’s commitment to athlete development.

Athlete Success Stories

Examples of athletes who have succeeded academically and athletically after attending the school. These success stories inspire and motivate other athletes.

Academic Programs:

Overview of the academic programs and curriculum offered by the school. This ensures that athletes receive a well-rounded education alongside their athletic pursuits.

Partner Benefits

Clear communication of the benefits that schools will receive by partnering with Worldwide Players Portal. This may include increased visibility, access to a large network of athletes, and promotional opportunities.